Transform the way your audience thinks about it's 360 degree culture: how it's created, how it's sustained, and how it's led.


Give them a dynamic keynote experience that energizes, engages and equips them to inspire Fierce Loyalty every single day.


The right kind of leadership naturally inspires Fierce Loyalty - in customers and in employees.  Give your audience what they need to make it happen.

Your event audience wants a keynote speaker who inspires them, and who "gets" them.  You need a speaker who offers more than lots of pizazz with no actionable take-aways. You want a speaker who moves your audience, challenges them to think differently and sends them off knowing exactly what to do next.

For more than 30 years, I've worked on the stage and behind the stage, fully focused on delivering the strongest, high-impact audience experiences. I am a professionally trained actress (Shakespeare is my guy), speaker, leader and event organizer. Because I understand both sides of the table, I can help you deliver an event that your audience and your bosses love.

You get high energy, thought-provoking, interactive content based in the real executive world, rather than in a theoretical world. I bring my experience with tech, sales, manufacturing and purpose-driven organizations along with my deep love of data-based research and storytelling, to corporate, association, and leadership conferences. Everything I do is customized to meet the specific needs of my clients and my audiences.

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"No matter the venue, Sarah's dynamic energy brings her Fierce Loyalty model to life in a way that leaves participants with pages of notes and actionable items. If you want to create Fierce Loyalty for your brand, your team or your entire organization, Sarah delivers the goods."

- Kati Quigly, Senior Director of Marketing, Microsoft

Popular Topics Include:

Building Wildly Successful Brand Communities

Starbucks. LuLuLemon. Apple. Their customers are Fiercely Loyal and stand in line to give them money.  Learn the secret to their success and start building a remarkable brand community of your own.


Customers who feel engaged with a brand spend an average of 17% more than those who don't?


The Secret to High Performance Company Culture

Two-thirds of workers say they feel disengaged at work.  According to Gallop, this is costing businesses $450 billion every year. Shape an internal culture that improves performance and positively impacts your bottom line.


Some researchers put the cost of distracted, disengaged employees closer to $650 billion each year. 

Fierce Loyalty:
The Leadership Protocol

Leaders face unprecedented  demands on their time and focus. Master the necessary knowledge and skills to consistently bring your best to the table and inspire Fierce Loyalty throughout your organization.


How leaders lead decides whether an organization can create and inspire Fierce Loyalty

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