• Sarah Robinson

What’s Your Policy on Online Abuse?


Online abuse has no place in a Fiercely Loyal Community. Period. SXSW is finding that out the hard way and way too late in the game. I won’t go into the story details myself. Instead, you can check out the story at US News and World Report below.

I quickly want to narrow the focus for the post to asking you five simple questions: 1) What is you policy on online abuse? 2) Is it written down? 3) Do your community members know what it is? 4) Do you monitor your community to keep it abuse-free? 5) What is the process for reporting abuse? 6) What do you do when it’s time to enforce it? 7) Are you 100% prepared for when that moment comes?

Believe me when I tell that SXSW wishes it had answered all of these questions a long time ago. If they had, they would not be in the nightmare they find themselves in today. DO NOT WAIT until something goes terribly wrong to formulate your Abuse Policy and Protocol. Do it now. This week.

If you don’t think it’s that important, just skim this article. You don’t want this happening to you.


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