• Sarah Robinson

The Talent You Are Looking For Doesn’t Have a Resume


I’m neck-deep in a client research project. Sorry, can’t tell you what exactly I’m researching. 🙂 BUT what I can share are directly linked to creating a Fiercely Loyal internal culture, the kind where amazing work gets done and no one is job hopping. Here are some of the highlights of my research:

First the framework: According to Gallup research, lost productivity due to employee disengagement costs more than $450 billion in the U.S. annually. This staggering statistic says there is something very very wrong in the workplace. Organizations know it. One of the ways they are trying to fix it is in the hiring process. Looking for the best talent that’s looking for a job would seem to solve the problem, yes?


Because here’s what I can tell you. Most of the best talent isn’t in the job hunting market. They aren’t officially looking. They may toy with the idea from time to time, but they aren’t about to engage in a “Talent Acquisition Process”. Which means that most hiring managers are starting from the wrong end of the telescope. Here’s what I mean:

  1. Are you asking for a resume just to get the conversation rolling? You’ve just eliminated 75% of your best candidates because they not only don’t have one, they aren’t going to go to the time and expense of putting one together.

  2. Do you call your hiring process anything like “Talent Acquisition”? Pens and pencils are acquired. People, especially highly talented ones, are not, nor do they want to be.

  3. Are you 100% sure that your position MUST be location specific 100% of the time? The best talent out there already have established lives somewhere. Starting the conversation with “You have to uproot your entire life” is a sure way to keep the conversation short, if you ever have one at all.

I know that I’m talking about disrupting an ingrained approach to hiring. In today’s incredibly competitive market, isn’t having the best talent you can find working on your team worth that extra effort? If you don’t think so, I’m betting you’ve got competitors who do.

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