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The Roundup: Fierce Loyalty Articles, Resources, Case Studies Week of June 21

As I zoom around the web, I come across great Fierce Loyalty articles, resources and examples for you that I will share on this weekly post. Enjoy!

=> This campaign from British Airways that focuses on rallying the Home Team for the Olympics could be the poster child for the Fierce Loyalty Model. Needs, Structure, Advanced Evolution and Accelerators are all there. http://inventorspot.com/articles/british_airways_uses_social_media_local_addresses_build_homeadva

=> If you are looking for a case study on how to apply the Fierce Loyalty model internally to create a kick-butt place to work, look no further than The Nerdery http://nerdery.com/

=> If you are looking for a modestly priced solution for building your own Fiercely Loyal Community, I highly recommend checking out NationBuilder http://www.nationbuilder.com

=> What are the best books and resources to add to your Summer Reading List if you want to up you Community knowledge? Here’s a great list to get you started: http://www.feverbee.com/2012/06/summer-reading-for-community-professionals.html

And here’s the Roundup from this blog:

=> A quick five minute video with Elizabeth Marshall (the business relationship go-to expert) where she shares her insights on how a community wants to be treatedhttp://fierce-loyalty.com/fierce-loyalty-is-not-transactional/

=> The best 20 minute you can invest in your organization this week >> Best-selling author, Les McKeown, and I have a conversation about the Dollars and Cents of building a fiercely loyal, wildly successful community of raving fans. Les crams more into 20 minutes than move experts cover in one hour.  http://fierce-loyalty.com/the-dollars-and-cents-of-fierce-loyalty-a-convo-w-les-mckeown/

=> On June 26, Jeremie Miller, CEO of Events Without Borders, is going to interview me on how to bring a Fiercely Loyal Community to life in your organization.  Get the details here: http://fierce-loyalty.com/fierce-loyalty-whats-in-it-for-you/

=> If you know you want to build a Fiercely Loyal Community or you want to transform the community you have into a Fiercely Loyal one, I’d love to help you with that. Starting July 9, I’m leading a Fierce Loyalty Virtual Workshop where we will walk through the model block by blocks and then apply it to where you are in your community building process. Get the details and grab your seat here: http://fierce-loyalty.com/the-fierce-loyalty-virtual-workshop/

There you go! Hope you find some help thoughts and ideas in there.

Happy Friday! Sarah

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