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The Roundup: Fierce Loyalty Articles, Resources, Case Studies Week of July 27

Here is this week’s roundup of great articles resources and Case Studies to help you and your organization build Fierce Loyalty:

Team USA Olympic Swim Team

Okay. I’ll admit that I am extremely biased toward anything Olympics and the entire crew at Team USA is doing an incredible job at building a fiercely loyal fan community. This week, the USA Swim Team has made some really awesome moves. All the swimmers are using social media – especially Twitter – to talk about their Olympic experiences. They engage in conversations, share pictures and build up excitement level. I’m particularly fond of this Swim Team “Call Me Maybe” video that the team made this week. A formidable addition to their Fierce Loyalty arsenal.


One of the the central tenants of the Fierce Loyalty model is that community members want to get and GIVE support as part of their engagement. Now there’s hard research to back that up. The Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) just completed a study on what drives people to participate in online communities. According to their findings, “80% of respondents participate in online groups to help others by sharing information and experiences”. You can read the article and find out more about how and why people participate in online communities here:


A great article on building a passionate community. Passion is another central tenant of Fierce Loyalty. http://www.convinceandconvert.com/brand-communities/how-to-be-the-architect-of-a-community/

Case Study:

How Not to Build a Fierce Loyal Community

This morning I got an email from someone in my trusted network suggested that I check out a video from an expert I’d never heard of. Even though I had to put up with a full squeeze page (should have been my first clue), I trusted this person’s judgement. I was also promised that I would learn something I didn’t know. So I took a gamble. BIG mistake.

Once I got to the person’s site, the video “training” I was promised was nothing but a long testimonial video of people raving about the expert and his new product. No teaching. At all. Classic, smarmy bait-and-switch.

The Lesson? Don’t draw people in to your community with fake promises. And for god’s sake don’t recommend a community to your network that does that. Trust is broken all the way around. And these days, there are no second chances to build trust.

Resources From Me:

I’ve set the date for the launch of my book, Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities for September 18. You can get an excerpt from the book now by going here: http://fierce-loyalty.com/whitepaper-the-roi-of-a-fiercely-loyal-community/

In the works are a Pinterest Board,  a tumblr blog and a Facebook page focused exclusively on the book. I’m excited about sharing strategies, tactics, case studies and an in depth review of the Fierce Loyalty model. Stay tuned for updates.

That’s a wrap for this week. I’m always looking for great material to share here, so if you know of an article, a resource or a case study that should be featured, contact me and share it.

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