• Sarah Robinson

The Dollars and Cents of Fierce Loyalty: A Convo w/ Les McKeown

So on Wednesday, June 20, I’m going to talk to Les about the dollars and cents of Fierce Loyalty. Is it possible to put the value of a Fiercely Loyal community in a ledger book? How do you dollarize it? What difference can it make to your bottomline?

Les doesn’t pull any punches so you can count on solid, take-it-to-the-bank answers in this exciting interview.


Les crammed more value into 20 minutes than most people cover in an hour. Here’s the link to the recording:   http://alchemist.audioacrobat.com/download/fierceloyaltycallwithles.mp3

And, if you are ready to build or strengthen your own Fiercely Loyal Community, I invite you to attend my Fierce Loyalty Virtual Workshop. Check out the details and grab your seat here: http://fierce-loyalty.com/the-fierce-loyalty-virtual-workshop/

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