• Sarah Robinson

The Awesome Fierce Loyalty Book Launch Street Team

My Book Launch Street Team swung into action well before the book was ever launched and because of their hard work, Fierce Loyalty hit the #1 spot in the Customer Service category on Amazon on the very first day. I am so incredibly grateful to work with such a dynamic group of givers. And I’d like you to know them, too.

Adam King – @AdamKingStudio

Rochelle Veturis – @RochelleVeturis

Leesa Renee Hall – @LeesaReneeHall

Lizbeth Hamlin – @LizbethHamlin

Amy Miyamoto – @AmyMiyamoto

Danielle Miller – @DanielleMiller

Nicole Willis – @Nicole_Boyce

Karl Kovacs – @KarlKovacs

Lori Finnigan – @DooneyPug

Gini Dietrich – @GiniDietrich

Lisa Robbin Young – @LisaRobbinYoung

Steve Gallegos – @WhoyaStevie

Molly Cantrell-Kraig – @mckra1g

Deb Evans – @DebCE

Kimberly Richey – @KimberlyRichey

Lu Mueller-Kaul – @LuMuellerKaul

Tina Forsyth – @TinaForsyth

Sherrie Rohde – @SherrieRohde

Barry Moltz – @BarryMoltz

Jason Konopinski – @JasonKonopinski

Eileen Parr – @EileenAnn

Catherine Altman Morgan – @PointA_PointB

Drew Marshall – @drewmarshall

Tom Fiffer – @TomAplomb

Mark Sherrick – @MarkSherrick Ryan Cox – @CoxyMoney

Scott Propp – @ScottPropp

T.C. Judd – @TC_Judd

Beatriz Alemar – @Balemar

Brandie McCallum – @lttlewys

Dave Van De Walle – @Area22

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