• Sarah Robinson

Quick Review of New Loyalty Rewards App Thanx


I usually don’t talk about formal Loyalty Programs. It’s not my area of specialty and there are many many experts who know far more about it than I do. That said, I get asked about them very often because they are a tool that can, if managed well, help create a Fiercely Loyal community.

I ran across the Thanx app last week and there are so many things to like about it. It takes the hard work of keeping up with reward programs and points off of the customer, which I love. For me, keeping up with punch cards or the  multitude of loyalty cards I have (even using my favorite app for that, Keyring), is challenging at best. In fact, I’ve lost out on many points because I forgot I had a particular card and/or didn’t want to take the time to fill out the form to get one.

Thanx eliminates all of those problems. Loyalty program points are directly linked t my credit or debit card. I don’t have to remember whether I have a card or even a reward to spend. The onus to track all of that is on Thanx and the merchant, not me. It’s great for merchants too because they don’t have to convince me to take the extra time to register for their loyalty program AND they get access to a ton of relevant marketing data to help increase sales.

The only piece I would love to see is a way for Thanx users to communicate with each other about their experiences at specific merchants that use the Thanx app. The ability to share great programs and a super reward would drive more users of the app and increase merchant traffic. For me, that is the  missing piece in all loyalty programs: users are not connected to each other in any way. I’m waiting for the program or app that changes all that. 🙂 It will make the difference between a “loyalty program” and a “Fierce Loyalty Program”.

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