• Sarah Robinson

Part of the Gig Economy Community? This Guide is For You!


Everyone knows the Gig Economy is here to stay. And a quick Google search shows that even though Giggers are often working solo, communities for them are springing up. Check out this article about the Fiverr Community: http://bit.ly/1PJeaw2

Recently, I received an email offering up a new Freelancers Essential Guide to Business and Taxes, by Justin Gomer & Jackson Hille, to help this community navigate this fresh, new world. Usually when I get these emails, the “guides” are thinly veiled sales pitches with little hard, useful information. This one is different. Packed with everything from a tax guide complete with forms to specific suggestions for where to find gigs, this guide hits the mark and then some.

So, if you are a “Gigger” or even thinking about being one, here’s the link: http://formswift.com/independent-contractor-guide#

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