• Sarah Robinson

How I Talk about Leadership & Community

When Higher Logic first asked me to talk about my thoughts around leadership and community for their User’s Group, I expected the conversation to be pretty typical. I didn’t know them well then and didn’t realize how atypical they are, in the very best of ways. As our conversation developed and I realized that what they wanted was a rich, inside look at how I really think, I was thrilled! They’ve posted part of our interview here, and also designed a gorgeous pdf download of the entire conversation. You can also read some fantastic interviews with other thought leaders that are part of their Faces of Your Community series.

While I love telling you about the interview, I also want to use this Faces series as a learning example. Higher Logic put time, energy and money into creating a very high-end resource for their community. And that resource is absolutely free. And it’s not only free for their user group, it’s free to anyone who goes to the page. They don’t ask for anything. Not even an email address. This is how you earn the right to ask for something. You give away great content again and again. And then, after earning trust, you ask for something small.

Such a great lesson on leadership and community.

Check out my interview and learn from how they set it up here.

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