• Sarah Robinson

How Do I Know if My Community is Fiercely Loyal?

I get this question all the time.

In the Fierce Loyalty model, this kind of community is defined by Pride, Trust and Passion. These are the hallmark, defining feelings of all the community members.

“Yeah – but some people in mty community feel this way and some don’t. Is it a Fiercely Loyal community?”

Here’s the ultimate litmus test (and the ultimate goal of any brand community): Does your brand community function just as well, or even better, when you or a company representative aren’t present driving activity?


If your answer is “Yes!”, congratulations! Your members are as invested in the success of your community as you are. They feel  so much Pride, Trust and Passion, that they put time and energy into moving the community forward. Well done!

If your answer is “No”, you’ve still got some work to do. How can you beef up the connection points, support points and the predictability of your community? How can you foster the feelings of Pride, Trust and Passion? How can you move community members into the spotlight? How can you relinquish a bit of control so that members feel a sense of ownership? How can you nudge faithful members into leadership positions?

Yes, I know all of this takes work and calculated risk. If having a Fiercely Loyal brand community was easy, every business would have one. If you want to rise above the marketplace noise and give your customers something they cannot get anywhere else, the work you do will be well worth it.

What are some ideas for moving your community in the direction of independence?

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