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Hit the Gas Pedal Part 7 of Creating a Fiercely Loyal and Engaged Employee Culture

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This is Part Seven in my series on Creating a Fiercely Loyal and Engaged Employee Culture. We’ve covered:

  1. The ROI of creating this kind of culture

  2. Why your organization wants to create it

  3. Narrowing in on the Frame that will hold your community culture

  4. Finding Those who are interested in your frame

  5. Identifying the employees who are raising their hands and saying “Pick Me!”

  6. The non-negotiable elements that must be included in your organizational structure, and

  7. The Hallmark qualities of a community that’s evolved to Fierce Loyalty.

By now, I’m guessing that your thoughts are somewhere along the lines of “Yes. Yes. I know this is all great. But is there anyway we can speed up this process?!”

The good news is that my answer is “Yes! There is a gas pedal!” The bad news is, you still have to do the work I’ve talked about in the other posts in this series. This is your Fair Warning: if you skip the hard work and only do the things I’m about to share with you, your community will fail. No ifs, ands or buts. It’s like putting million dollar frosting on a terrible cake. It will look really great, but the experience will be terrible.

Now that I’ve made myself clear on that point, let me share what I call Fierce Loyalty Accelerators.

  1. Make team members feel valued and important.

  2. Create something together.

  3. Fight a common enemy.

  4. Create a culture of “We”.

  5. Empower members to make the community their own.

  6. Build in exclusivity.

  7. Create a barrier to entry.

  8. Stand for something bold.

  9. Build your structure with an eye toward fostering Pride, Trust and Passion.

  10. Initiate opportunities for shared experiences.

  11. Love them. And I mean REALLY love them. (This is the most important one. If you take nothing else away from my series, take this.)

Rather than attempt to employ all of these accelerators, choose two or three that interest you. Put them into play in your community and give them time to take hold and work their magic. You can always come back for more.

This series has been such fun to write. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. If you have questions or thoughts to share, please share them below. I’d love to have that conversation!

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