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Fierce Loyalty Weekly Web Roundup of Articles & Strategies 3/29/2013

Here’s my Friday roundup of all the Fierce Loyalty stuff I’m reading from around the web. Usually there are a number of articles and links. Today is slightly different. I’m only posting one link to one story. Because it’s that important.

In my book, I use TED as a case study for how to build a community. Over the past several  months, maybe even over the past year, I’ve watched TED start to lose it’s audience. Not too long ago, no one ever said anything negative about TED or complained about how they do what they do. Most everyone I know was enthralled and an eager part of that community. That’s all changed.

Nilofer Merchant does a fantastic job a walking us through what happened in her post for the Harvard Business Review. Her cautionary tale about community includes some great examples of companies who are getting it right. Take the time to read this one. You get bonus points for reading through the excellent comments.

When TED Lost Control of Its Crowd: http://hbr.org/2013/04/when-ted-lost-control-of-its-crowd/ar/1#disqus_thread

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