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Fierce Loyalty Weekly Web Roundup of Articles & Strategies 1/18/2013

Each week, I share some of the best articles and strategies for building a Fiercely Loyal Community that I’ve found all around the web. Enjoy!

Google+ isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re wondering why so many brands are using the new “Community” function to build a fiercely loyal crowd, my friend Maddie Grant can tell you. She recently presented at the ASAE conference on Evaluating Google+ for Community. A great summary of her presi plus her slides can be found at The Community Roundtable (one of my favorite go-to resources): http://community-roundtable.com/2013/01/evaluating-google-for-community/

Predictability is one of the non-negotiables that I talk about when I teach organizations how to build a community structure that will foster Fierce Loyalty. This article from ManagingCommunities.com illustrates exactly why it’s important both to the community and the person heading up the community. http://www.managingcommunities.com/2013/01/17/its-great-when-community-members-know-what-they-can-expect-from-the-admin/

Hiring a Community Manager (or even thinking about it)? It’s important to know what you want them to do and what skill sets you want them to have. Rather than starting from scratch, check out the job descriptions written by other companies as they recruit their community team. http://thecommunitymanager.com/2013/01/18/whos-hiring-most-recent-community-and-social-media-manager-positions-available/

Twitter hashtags for some of the best Community Building Chats around: #cmgrhangout #cmgrchat #cmgrchat

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