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Fierce Loyalty Roundup September 12, 2014

I love reading articles all over the web about what it takes to build Fierce Loyalty. Below are the links to some of the very best I’ve found.

around the web

What’s Your Association’s Value on the Higher Logic Blog This post covers discovering what members value about your organization and then delivering that value. While the article specifically speaks to associations, it provides valuable insight for any organization that wants to build a Fiercely Loyal community.

My Wild Zumba Community Alayna Curry was in the audience for my recent presentation for the Florida Public Relations Association and apparently took great notes. In this article she posted to her blog, she outlines her successful Zumba community using the Fierce Loyalty model.

Community Member Cards that Feel Exclusive This is my favorite new idea for building Fierce Loyalty: copper membership cards sent along with a gorgeous invitation to join the community. If your looking for ways to ramp up how you attract new people to your community and still maintain an exclusive feel, this idea is for you.

I’m always on the lookout for great stories and ideas for building Fierce Loyalty that I can share here on the blog. If you and your organziation are doing something fantastic, please let me know!

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