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Fierce Loyalty Roundup of Articles, Resources, Tips & Tricks 9/28

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Fierce Loyalty Web Roundup. This is the place I share great stuff I’ve found all across the web to help you as you build your Fiercely Loyal Community.

BTW, I’ve gotten some inquires about how to be included in the roundup. At the moment, I pull them from my own reading around the web on on my social media channels. If you think you’ve got something that I should include, tweet me about it @SarahRobinson or click on contact me and send me a note with a link. I’m always looking for good reading.

And now to the roundup!

Twitter Chats about Community Building

(Just search on the hashtag to find the conversation thread)

#cmgrhangout – The team at My Community Manager has been hosting the Community Manager Hangout on Google+ since January 24, 2012. This chat combines a Google+ Hangout and a live Twitter chat.

 #commbuild  – This Community of Practice focuses on issues and topics relevant to those working on community building or in community management roles.

#cmgrchat – Founded by Jenn Pedde (@JPedde) and Kelly Lux (@KellyLux /@iSchoolSU), this chat serves as a community to discuss ideas, foster collaboration, and act as a resource for all of those working in this ever changing industry.

Articles and Blog Posts:

The Relationship Between Customer Service & Community Management: http://t.co/lp2uW3xu

Metrics for Building, Scaling, and Funding Social Movementshttp://t.co/lAk3y9EG

My New Favorite Community Case Study:

Grey Poupon’s Society of Good Taste. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.  https://www.facebook.com/greypoupon

And now for two shameless plugs:

#1 – My son is in the middle of his Cub Scout Popcorn Sale and he made a video commercial to tell you all about it. Plus, if you purchase $50 or more, I’ll send you a copy of my book. Check it here.

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Have a FANTASTIC Weekend everyone!!!

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