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Fierce Loyalty Roundup of Articles, Resources, Tips & Tricks 11/2/2012

This is my almost weekly roundup of resources and articles from around the web to help you build and support a Fiercely Loyal community. Enjoy!

The Community Roundtable Network Info Session on 11/7 bit.ly/VinRKK

I had the privilege of leading a  roundtable discussion for this network a few weeks ago. If you want to up your game and network with some of the top companies (ie Nike, Google, etc) who are leading amazing communities, this info session is for you. Find out what the network does  & how it can help your company’s social initiatives.

You Called Me What? http://nptalk.co/managing-social-media-effectively/

For anyone who runs a community, dealing with the complainers and the haters is a daily task. This is a great article to give you some perspective and some ways to manage them effectively.

30 Twitter Community Management Tips  http://socialmediatoday.com/wendy-kier/950801/30-twitter-community-management-tips

I get asked all the time about leveraging social media to build a Fiercely Loyal community. This article gives you thirty specific, actionable tips to help you maximize twitter in your community management strategy. Even if you think you have Twitter covered, check out this article to double check your efforts.

Telling a GREAT Story http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/10/structure_your_presentation_li.html

If leading a Fiercely Loyal community is about anything, it’s about telling a compelling, powerful story. This fantastic article gives you the exact bones you need to build just that kind of story so you can relay it to your community. I’ve printed it out so I can make notes all over it.

5 Ways to Avoid Squashing Your Community Like a Dictator http://www.convinceandconvert.com/brand-communities/5-ways-to-avoid-squashing-your-community-like-a-dictator/

My guest post for @jaybaer‘s blog Convince and Convert. I’m thinking the title tells you all you need to know.

Community to Check Out: Sock Monkeys Against Cancer http://www.smacancer.com/

They are creating a movement to bring tanglible (and fun) support to those struggling with cancer. Lots of Fierce Loyalty lessons to be learned here.

There you go – this week’s roundup should keep you busy. Enjoy your weekend!

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