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Fierce Loyalty Roundup of Articles, Resources, Tips & Tricks 10/19

This is my [almost] weekly roundup of great Fierce Loyalty/ Community Building content from around the web.

From Mashable:  Only 6% of Fans Engage With a Brand’s Facebook Page [STUDY] Here’s even more evidence (in case you needed it) that you need to focus on building relationships with those who are already showing up on your Facebook Page than just trying to recruit a large number of fans.

 From ReadWriteWeb: Why Brands Should Build Their Own Social Communities   If you are looking to leverage the ROI of your community, build your own social community instead of relying on channels like Twitter and Facebook.

From TechSoup: Building Community with Digital Storytelling Great storytelling is at the heart of every Fiercely Loyal Community. This post shares exactly how to do it.

From FeverBee:  The Problem With Contests And Competitions That Offer Prizes Many many brands lean heavily on contests and competitions to build their communities. Often this strategy yields lackluster results. Here’s why.

From Jeremiah Owyang: Breakdown: A Strategy for Engaging Passion Communities Do you have third-party communities full of brand advocates? These communities aren’t under your direct control. Jeremiah lays out an incredibly detailed strategy for understanding and engaging these unique groups.

From Vordak: The Super Villain Name Generator. Because if your community doesn’t have a little fun, it will never be Fiercely Loyal. 🙂

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