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Fierce Loyalty Roundup 3.11.16


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This Week’s Roundup of Articles and Resources to Help You Build Fierce Loyalty

Podcast: Talent Culture‘s Meaghan Biro hosts a great weekly podcast with thought leaders and captains of industry who specialize in a spectrum of TalentCulture interests, such as leadership, social business, organizational culture, career strategy, talent management, professional development. I highly recommend it for those working on building an internal culture of Fierce Loyalty.

Case Study:

Happening live before our eyes is a case study on betrayal’s impact on Fierce Loyalty as we watch the melt down of Wounded Warriors – a high-profile and well-supported non-profit for injured veterans. Turns out that at least 50% of funds raised went to high executive compensation and luxurious events. The board just fired to top two leaders. It will be interesting to see how and if they can retain the Fiercely Loyal following in the wake of such a major crisis in trust.

Recommended Resource:

The PCMA, IAEE and The Experience Project have joined forces on a landmark study call The Decision to Attend. If your organization holds events and meetings of any size, I highly recommend downloading the executive summary and Phase One report to gather cutting edged insights on what influences today’s attendees’ decision making processes.

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