Fierce Loyalty Roundup 11.21.14 Doing Good, Taking Risks & a Crisis


This a special pre-Thanksgiving Fierce Loyalty Roundup. I’ve got some really exciting and wonderful things to share with you, so let’s get right to it!

First, the community and community leader that inspire me every single day. The very best presentation I did this year was when I told his story and the Vocus Users Group Meeting in June – and he jumped up on the stage at the end like the Rock Star he is. My twelve-year-old son and his annual Christmas for My Little Brother’s orphanage Community is on its fourth year. If a twelve-year-old can create Fierce Loyalty, any brand, organization or person can do it to.

One of my favorite companies, Higher Logic, has put together an exceptional community expert interview series called The Faces of Your Community. The interviews are far from typical and give you in-depth access to the inner workings of some great thought leaders. (I’m a little embarrassed to say that because I’m one of them.) These interviews will make great holiday reading, so go get them here:

Think your brand or organization has an uphill climb? Hiut Denim is trying to bring blue jean manufacturing back to Cardigan, Wales after losing all of that production to cheaper overseas production. Their website and their newsletter is a treasure trove of Fierce Loyalty inspiration. Today, I’d like to draw your attention to their experiment with Customer Clubs. It’s risky. They know it’s risky. they say it’s risky. But to get what they want, their willing to risk. Are you?

Fierce Loyalty in Crisis. Watch real-time as the Fiercely Loyal Community that Uber built starts to divide sharply. On one-side, those who are appalled by the statements of the CEO about their approach to journalist and who are no longer fans or users because of it. On the other, those who, while disturbed by those statements are still devoted because it’s the service and the experience that makes the company for them, not the words of one executive. There’s no central place to send you to follow this, it’s all over Facebook. (I think I’ll write a story on it next week so that there is a central place to read about it.)

This should be enough to keep you busy over the holiday. Enjoy!

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