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Fierce Loyalty Roundup 11.14.2014 – Honors, GoPro & Disturbing Trends

I’m just a little stoked about this week’s Fierce Loyalty Web Roundup. Just take a look at the first entry for the week and you’ll see why. Drum roll please for this week’s Fierce Loyalty Roundup!

The Most Important Voices in Customer Loyalty Technology Advice was kind enough to include me in their article profiling their Top Ten Thought Leaders in the Customer Loyalty space. I’m honored beyond words and excited to connect with some new customer loyalty experts.

Startups Are Flocking to Hire Community Builders. Why Now? As if I needed a reason to love AirBnB even more. Hat tip to @ThomasKnoll for linking to this great article.

13 Disturbing Facts about Employee Engagement If you need a few more reasons to put real, honest-to-god employee loyalty and engagement at the top of your to do list, this HuffPo article will give you every push you need. And then some.

GoProFanatics One of my latest favorite Fiercely Loyal Communities! You can learn a lot from this fan run website and forum dedicated solely to the GoPro HD Camera.

Think Your Employees Feel Valued At Work? Think Again From the great folks at Tiny Pulse, this article drills down on how employers do and don’t acknowledge employees and do the things that actually make them feel valued (as opposed to the things HR says should make them feel valued).

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