• Sarah Robinson

Fierce Loyalty Roundup 10.31.14

Here’s my roundup of Fierce Loyalty articles and resources from around the web this week. Have a great Halloween!

Hearing the Voice of the Deaf Community I love this article because it talks about the way the deaf community has built itself over the years and how the rise of technology has created a place for Fierce Loyalty to take hold. Lots of lessons to learn here!

Getting Brand Communities Right This older article from Harvard Business Review makes me swoon. It tracks exactly how a Fiercely Loyal Community brought the dying Harley Davidson brand back from the brink of distinction. Did I say swoon?

5 Examples Your Brand Can Follow to Build an Online Community A great artcile fron Entrpreneur.com that shares five great online brand community examples to learn from. I love learning from what’s already been done instead of trying to reinvent the wheel from scratch.

Building Community in the Classroom Though most of us a long out of the classroom, our basic requirments of building a safe, nurturing community haven’t changed. Learn from Scholastic what it takes to make the child in all of us feel a part of the group.

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