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Fierce Loyalty Round Up Week of January 16, 2015


I’ve been reading so much lately on the Sharing Economy. There is no doubt that this business trend is here to stay and creates enormous potential for businesses large and small, old and new. The reason I’m so fascinated with it is that it is completely based on having a Fiercely Loyal Community. 🙂 So, in today’s Roundup, I’d like to share with you some of the best reading I’ve found.


Airbnb, Snapgoods and 12 more pioneers of the share economy If you want to see some really great examples of businesses based on the idea of the Sharing Economy, Forbes has pulled together a quick review of twelve famous and not so famous pioneers here

The Sharing Economy and the Future of Finance This is a fantastic article how the Finance Sector must change and evolve to adapt to the way Sharing Economy businesses function. Full of examples, opportunities and poignant questions, this is a must read for any company considering diving into this business model. Read it here.

Peers Unveils Products for Workers in the Sharing Economy Speaking of how the Finance Sector must change, along comes a company called Peers who has quickly figured out that there is an opportunity to provide professional, financial and insurance services and products to those who make money in the Sharing Economy. Read how they’ve found their niche here.

Even Super Bowl Commercials Are Into the Sharing Economy Now I couldn’t love this concept more. Newcastle Beer (owned by Heineken) is crowd sourcing funding for a Super Bowl ad is willing to share screen time with any brand who wants to buy in. It’s no secret that Super Bowl ad prices are in the stratosphere, making them impossible for some smaller brands. By “sharing” the ad, Newcastle is up-ending the traditional competitive nature and cost of these highly sought after ads. Read all about it here.

The Mesh: A World Community and Economy where Access Trumps Ownership. This probably my newest and most addictive find. This site lists just about every kiind of Sharing Economy company out there. Though it doesn’t seem to be updated regularly now, it’s worth a trip down the rabbit hole of their directory just to see the incredible variety that’s out there. You can check it out here

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