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Fierce Loyalty Friday Roundup – Office Space, Technology & Games of Distinction


It’s Friday which means it’s time for the Fierce Loyalty Roundup. This is where I share what I’m reading around the web about communities, loyalty and anything else connected to building Fiercely Loyal communities. Enjoy!

Can Executive Office Spaces be a Community? YES! Read how this company is using community to differentiate itself in a very crowded marketplace. http://futurecx.com/carr-workplaces-turns-experience-community-separate-crowded-executive-office-space/

Community and the Elusive Millenials. If your community is courting Millineals and you think it’s impossible? This article will help. http://associationsnow.com/2014/10/delayed-adulthood-hidden-root-young-member-struggles

Think all technology is great for your community? Think again. This article gives a decidly different point of view on how too much technology or the wrong technology or misused technology can be a huge liablity. http://www.communityroundtable.com/strategy/stop-technology-madness/

Customers who have a bad experience WILL leave you. A U.K. report says that 75% of adults will find another supplier if their customer experience goes south. Learn what you can do to build their loyalty instead. http://loyalty360.eu/resources/article/u.k.-report-most-will-change-supplier-after-poor-customer-experience

Activities for members can differentiate your community. though this article is targeted to the incredibly competative long term care market, any community can use member activities to make themselves stand out. http://www.ltlmagazine.com/article/differentiate-your-community-through-activities-0

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