• Sarah Robinson

Engagement: What are you measuring and why?


Because my company is known as an “engagement consultancy”, I spend a great deal of time reading up on the latest research, trends and ideas around the concept of engagement.

Lately, I’ve seen so much great writing about measuring engagement. Should we measure it? How do we measure it? What should we be measuring? Which data is the most important to pay attention to? I really love seeing such interest creating meaningful connection and engagement, whether it’s with customers, clients, associates, or members.

As I read through all the great material that’s out there, though, one thing strikes me over and over again: the metrics being measured are the metrics that matter to the organization, rather than the ones that matter to the people being measured. Meaning, everyone is measuring things like purchases, newsletter subscriptions, event participation, acting on calls to action, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these are important things to know and do give you a picture of how engaged your audience is.

But here’s my question: are you interested in knowing how engaged your people are or are you interested in knowing if that engagement is driving fierce loyalty in your people?

Here’s what mean: I’m engaged with many brands and many organizations. I read their newsletters sometimes. I make purchases sometimes. I attend events sometimes. Using the typical definition, I am considered “engaged”.

I am Fiercely Loyal to far fewer brands and organizations, and my activity with them looks very different. I do all of the things I listed above and I do them more often. However, I also recommend that brand/organization to others all the time. I talk about how much I love them. Loudly and publicly. I am an unofficial ambassador for them. I am passionate about them. I am engaged on a completely different level.

So as you think about the kind of engagement you want with your people, and what you want that engagement to mean, ask yourself “Do we just want more, better stronger engagement (and there’s nothing wrong with that) or do we want engagement that leads our people to feel Fiercely Loyal?”

Once you know the answer to that, you’ll be better able to focus your measurement activities so that the yield the results you want.

If you need help designing a new way to measure engagement so it reflects Fierce Loyalty, my team and I stand ready to help. Email me at sarah@fierceloyalty.com and let’s have a conversation.

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