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Creating a Fiercely Loyal and Engaged Employee Culture – Part One

In Monday’s post, I shared my Top Five ROI’s for Creating a Fiercely Loyal and Engaged Employee Culture. I also promised to do a follow-up post on how to begin the process of creating that kind of culture. This is Part One of that post.

Why Do You Want a Highly Engaged Culture?

When I sit down with my clients for the first time, they often tell me they want to have a really engaged internal culture, the kind of culture you read about, the kind fo culture that makes Zappos, Apple, and Toms legendary. My very first question to them, before getting into any kind of strategy, is “Why do you want that?”.  Usually the answers range anywhere from “Well, because that’s what everyone is talking about right now.” to “Because our staff turnover is getting out of hand.” to “Well, who doesn’t want to be like Zappos and Apple and Toms?”.

While I understand these powerful motivators, they tell me that we need to spend more time answering this question. Creating a Fiercely Loyal and highly engaged internal culture takes a lot of work, a lot of resources and an unwavering commitment. Only firmly knowing and believing in a strong, specific “why” will get them through the tough days ahead. That “why” will also dictate many of the strategy decisions we make along the way.

If you’re interested in this idea and want to starting working out your organization’s “why”, here are some questions to help guide you in that direction:

1) How will an engaged internal culture change the way you do business?

2) How will you know that your internal culture and staff community are successful?

3) What value will changing your culture bring to your employees?

4) What value will it bring to your customers and clients?

5)  Who will be involved in guiding the culture shift?

Spend some time wth these questions. Involve as many members of your upper management team as you can. The one thing I’ve seen that separates success from failure when building an engaged culture is the direct support and involvement of the C-Suite. Without them, it’s just another “iniative”.

Stay tuned for my next post where we’ll dig in to the actual model for building a Fiercely Loyal, highly engaged internal culture. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to begin the process!

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