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Companies that Get Fierce Loyalty

Want to see how companies are building Fierce Loyalty, right now, in real time? I’ve got two great case studies to share with you that illustrate specific points in the model that I teach and use with my clients.

Fierce Loyalty Accelerator – Initiate Opportunities for Shared Experiences

Warby Parker, the high-end, fashionable eyewear manufacturer, created a way for customers and potential customers to share in their experiences of choosing the best eye glasses. Sounds a bit dull, yes? Not at Warby Parker. Through their “Home Try-On Program”, customers post picutres of themselves trying on different frames and engage other customers in the final selection process. Not only does this increase engagement, it allows customers to generate content for Warby Parker (and fosters the Fierce Loyalty differentiators Pride, Trust and Passion). Learn more about how they make this magic happen in their Inc. interview here: http://www.inc.com/jen-rubio/warby-parker-social-media-real-world-experiences.html

Fierce Loyalty Building Block – Create a Structure for Connection

Virgin America knocks this out of the park with their Here On Biz app that lets passengers on the same flight connect with each other at their destination airport or while they are on board. It’s a self-contained, temporary social network unique to every flight. And to kick it off, they’ve launched #PlanePitch where passengers can use twitter to share their ideal seatmate and the perfect business pitch they would make. Creating the structure connections and community during a plane flight is one for the most innoviate Fierce Loyalty moves I’ve ever seen. You can read more about it here: http://therealtimereport.com/2014/02/11/virgin-america-launches-first-in-flight-social-network-with-planepitch-twitter-contest/

There’s so much to learn from Warby Parker and Virgin America. Lessons that any organization of any size can tease out and apply. Think you have no way of creating a shared experience among your customers and clients. Re-examine that in light of what you just learned frm Warby Parker. Think you can’t find a way to temporarily connect and build community with a small, captive audience? Re-read what Virgin America is doing on an airplane flight. If you and and your organization want Fierce Loyalty, you’ll join Warby Parker, Virgin America and thousands of others and make a way.

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