• Sarah Robinson

Building Community by Focusing Locally

In today’s world, we live and work in a way that can feel less personal, less connected to the immediate community around us. While we are connected globally, we are more disconnected locally. It’s one of the reasons I believe there is such a strong rise in all things “hyper-local”. We want that feeling of connectedness to our physical community, our neighborhoods, our towns, our cities. It makes us feel anchored in a way nothing else can.

A new magazine has just hit the newstands in Birmingham that is completely focused on creating that feeling in the local business community. It’s call BHM Biz (BHM are the call letters for our airport) and is the brain child of veteran publisher, Joe O’Donnel. Using the magazine to tell great stories about people, organizations and small businesses, Joe wants to give readers to feel like they really know Birmingham’s business community. Such a great answer for our need to feel connected.

I am thrilled to have a regular column in BHM Biz on Community. Rather than tell you about the magazine and my column, I invite you to read it. You’ll feel like a Birmingham insider in no time. 🙂

Fierce Loyalty

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