• Sarah Robinson

Announcing the Fierce Loyalty Book Charity Partner

My nine-year-old son established a project this summer called Shoes for My Little Brother’s Orphanage. He raised $800 in about 4 days and sent two huge boxes of shoes and summer clothes to the orphanage where his little brother used to live. He is already talking about very big plans for the orphans Christmas (which include outfitting an entire playroom with institutional grade educational toys).

He is fierce loyal to this orphanage and his supporters are fiercely loyal to him. So it is the perfect match.

Even though his project is not an official 501(c)3 and there is no tax benefit, I’m donating a full 15% of all book sales proceeds to Shoes For My Little Brother’s Orphanage.

If you want to see the Summer Project in action, check out my son’s blog here: http://shoesforanorphange.blogspot.com/

And mark your calendars. Launch Day for Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities is set for September 18!!

You can out my Pinterest Board for Fierce Loyalty: The Book here

You can see my Fierce Loyalty Tumblr blog here.

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