• Sarah Robinson

5 Things to Do Right Now to Build a Fiercely Loyal Community

1) Start small – Rome wasn’t built in a day and your community won’t be either. One well executed step is worth much more than elaborate plans that never happen. Pick a small step that will move your community forward and execute it.

2) Find 5 – 10 people who are willing to be your anchor community members starting out. They will help you get it off the ground and build it.

3) Ask yourself “Why would someone want to be a part of this community?” Come up with 3 – 5 really good reasons that your community will add something of value to its members.

4) Make it easy to join your community. Have the link on your business card. Make sure it’s in your marketing material. Keep the joining process simple and stream-lined.

5) Make it easy for people to spread the word about your community. Give away prizes to people who invite others to join. Give current members tweets and Facebook updates that are easy to copy and share. Prominently display the community link on your site and on your social media channels.

Pick one of these and move forward on it before today is out.  Fiercely Loyal communities require consistent effort. Start now.

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