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You are busy planning an important event for your organization, so I’m thrilled that you've taken the time to make your way to this page! 

One of the biggest parts of my job as a professional speaker is to make your job easy. Not only do I bring a high-impact keynote to your audience, I also bring behind-the-scenes resources to the table that will make your event memorable and your bosses say "Wow!".


Here are just a few of the benefits you recieve:

  • A team that is as committed to the success of your event as you are.

  • A pre-event call with Sarah to ensure your event experience is perfectly tailored to you and your attendees.

  • Customized research about your market and your audience, incorporated into your keynote. 

  • A post-event call with Sarah to discuss techniques to further embed Fierce Loyalty into your organization.

  • A downloadable event toolkit that will save you time, including​

    • Attendee Email Template 

    • Written  Introductions

    • Written Bios in Three Different Lengths

    • A/V Set-Up Checklist

    • Headshots in Digital and Print Format

I cannot wait to work with you and design an experience that will inspire and engage your audience. Your audience will walk away with practical, actionable, results-driven takeaways that will have them talking about the positive impact of your event for a long time to come.

Let's discuss details!

For Meeting Planners

Here are some resources to help you with your planning:

Speaker One Sheet

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