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A practical, put-it-to-work-now guide for understanding, building and fostering a Fiercely Loyal community of clients, customers and raving fans. Building and sustaining a fiercely loyal community of clients, customers and raving fans is critical for success in today's turbulent marketplace. Organizations, both corporate and non-profit, that are thriving have discovered a secret - the underlying DNA shared by all wildly successful communities. Fierce Loyalty unlocks this secret DNA and lays out a clear model that any organization of any size can follow.

Business strategist Sarah Robinson helps you break down the process and gives you clear, specific steps for creating and maintaining a fiercely loyal, wildly successful community and put it squarely in the center of your business plan. Drawing on her own extensive experience as well as her research into the inner working of some of the most successful communities around, Sarah de-mystifies the process and gives you exactly what you need to make Fierce Loyal happen in your organization.

Sarah Robinson knows what Fierce Loyalty is, and how to build it. She has spent her life transforming the ordinary into extraordinary....And along the way she has uncovered the patterns of building Fierce Loyalty - patterns that lie hidden in plain sight, patterns that are buried under the mundanity of running a business.
~Les McKeown, CEO of Predictable Success
Sarah Robinson teaches you how to build community, provides you with return-on-investment in five easy steps, along with case studies to help you envision success. But it isn't just about how to build an engaged community. It's about how to create fierce loyalty by unlocking the DNA of the groups of people you want to reach. With exercises, questions, and easy ways to build your framework (provided you do the homework), Robinson provides you the exact structure to build your own fiercely loyal community."
~ Gini Dietrich, CEO, Arment Dietrich



"I was a skeptic when I picked up a copy of Fierce Loyalty. I didn’t think there was a way to actually PLAN for a fiercely loyal community to be part of my business. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only can it be planned for, it can be REPEATED – just by using the framework that Sarah Robinson spent years perfecting! Fierce Loyalty is a must read for every business owner whose business can benefit from a loyal customer base."

~Sean McGinnis, Founder, 312Digital

"Community" is the Holy Grail of this decade, for businesses everywhere.  But how do you build community around your company or brand? How do you find or create those evangelists who will care enough to keep coming back, and who will love you enough to spread the word about you? Sarah Robinson has figured out the secret to building Fierce Loyalty and she spells it out in this MUST READ book. Take her advice and watch your community thrive!

~ Maddie Grant, co-author of Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World and Open Community

"If you work for a mission-based organization, this is book is a "must read." This is a solid primer on how to develop an online community that cares deeply about your organization. In her framework, she emphasizes developing a comment is not about the organization, but about the community and the people in it. Using Sarah's framework, any organization can easily move from "why don't enough people care?" to understanding what fans really want to talk about in community, and finally, developing a strong and fiercely loyal online community."

~ Debra Askanase, Engagement strategist and consultant, Community Organizer 2.0


"Fierce Loyalty is one of the most unique advantages a business can have today. However, building a fiercely loyal community can be a painstaking process. Sarah Robinson does a masterful job in explaining how and how not to convert customers into advocates for your brand. Fierce Loyalty is must read material for entrepreneurs and brand builders in every-sized company.

~ Brian Moran, CEO/Managing Partner Brian Moran & Associates


"The new digital age is fierce. This book is fierce. Sarah Robinson is fierce.  Customer loyalty has never been more important than now. The digital age has forever changed the way people buy, sell, and talk about brands. It is time for you to become fierce."

~Kyle Lacy, Author ofTwitter Marketing for Dummies and Branding Yourself 


"It's easy enough to be a cynic these days in business, given the nature of consumer disloyalty, pricing schemes that undermine real value and the seemingly prevalent uncaring attitude of most businesses or that everybody's now an expert on your business. But Sarah Robinson's new book 'Fierce Loyalty' provides a real, practical and extremely powerful foundation for understanding how to create a loyal, valuable community for those who get the power and impact they provide."

~ Jeffrey Summers, Founder/Principal, Summers Hospitality Group

Powerful, dynamic and full of actionable solutions for today’s executive leadership challenges.    `

Alain Poirier, Vice-President, Nextiva, Inc.

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