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Why Do Our Clients Hire Us?

In today’s competitive marketplace, consistently increasing profits, reducing the cost of doing business and fostering a remarkable brand reputation can prove more difficult than ever. Companies that do it well, like Harley-Davidson, Ritz-Carlton and Gartner, rely on a powerful strategy designed to build, engage and lead a 360 degree Fiercely Loyal culture.

Here at Fierce Loyalty, we work with organizations that know their future success depends on creating, engaging and leading this same culture. Our clients are already passionate about their people and their customers and are looking for a proven model that translates that passion into higher revenues, lower attrition and greater impact.


Popular Consulting Packages:

All of our consulting packages are fully customized to each client. 

  • One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching & Consulting

  • C-Suite/Leadership Team Coaching & Consulting

  • Strategy & Execution Mapping

  • Customer Experience Evaluation and Planning

  • Internal Culture Evaluation and Planning

  • 360 Degree Fierce Loyalty Program

Our Core Competencies:


All Fierce Loyalty consulting is strategic in nature. Outcomes are focused on three areas: leadership, culture, and the bottom line. 

Fierce Loyalty: The Leadership Protocol

According to Leadership IQ, only 20% of people strongly trust their top management. 36% moderately trust their executives, while the remaining 44% range from not trusting to strongly distrusting. If they don't trust you, how can they be loyal to you?

Fierce Loyalty: Building a Flourishing Company Culture

According to Gallup, only one in three employees feel engaged at work and lost productivity due to employee disengagement costs more than $450 billion in the U.S. annually. Can you afford that kind of annual loss?

Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Brand Communities
According to a recent University of Michigan study, consumers who are actively engaged in a brand community spend an average of 19 percent more than those who aren’t. Are you willing to leave that 19 percent on the table for someone else to grab?