Fierce Loyalty

Hello - I'm Sarah

Let's build Fierce Loyalty with your customers and your employees so that they will never want to leave you.

Building a culture around Fierce Loyalty, whether for your customers or your employees, has the power to transform your organization. It also has the power to transform you as a leader. 


We are desperate for transformational leaders who can inspire us to greater success. Will you be one of them?

Fierce Loyalty. Everyone wants it. How do you get it?

In today's rapid-fire world, it's easy to think that loyalty - any kind of loyalty - is a thing of the past. After all, today's customers and employees are only driven by money, right? Companies like Starbucks, Google, LuLuLemon, and Zappos are proof that money - whether it's price or salary - is absolutely not the primary motivator. 

What if you could create a 360 degree culture so steeped in Fierce Loyalty that customers always choose you - and tell their friends to choose you. What if your best talent is so passionate and engaged with the work they do that leaving never enters their minds? What if you are so clearly focused and confident in your leadership skills that you inspire everyone who touches your company and draw them closer?

I've helped my clients achieve these results and so much more. With simple, elegant shifts focused in the most high-impact areas, Fierce Loyalty can be yours. I'm so excited to help you get there.

Powerful, dynamic and full of actionable solutions for today’s executive leadership challenges.    `

Alain Poirier, Vice-President, Nextiva, Inc.

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A practical, put-it-to-work-now guide for understanding, building and fostering a Fiercely Loyal community of clients, customers and raving fans.

Building and sustaining a fiercely loyal community of clients, customers and raving fans is critical for success in today's turbulent marketplace. Thriving organizations, both corporate and purpose-driven, have discovered a secret - the underlying DNA shared by all wildly successful communities. Fierce Loyalty unlocks this secret DNA and lays out a clear model that any organization of any size can follow.

This book encompasses what I've learned working with and studying the inner working of some of the most successful, and Fiercely Loyal, communities around, I help you break down the process and give you clear, specific steps for creating and maintaining a fiercely loyal, wildly successful community that lives squarely in the center of your business plan. Sarah de-mystifies the process and gives you exactly what you need to make Fierce Loyal happen in your organization.